Conditions of Refund

Taking care of our clients and the honest service, we created the platform which guarantees the money back option. It is important to recognize that refunding is possible in particular cases declared by the support group of For the whole time our company exists, we give our consumers the warranty of quality and providing them with the plagiarism-free written works. Anyway, "so many men, so many minds". Despite the fact that the rate of the clients satisfied with our services is more than 97%, we provide the clients with the refunding if it is needed. Check the following information to know in what cases refunding is possible.

Money Back Policy

Step 1. Start a dispute. Dispute? What is it?!

Misunderstandings happen. Sorrowfully, we can't anticipate everything. That's why, if you have got the reason to be unsatisfied with the services you have been provided with, feel free to send the request to the dispute department (DD) by e-mail. During 7-10 days the DD manager will diligently learn the problem and send you the feedback. Remember that you are to check your post carefully because it will be very handy to find the right solution. In addition, remember that we consider only requests regarding the refund sent within 10 days after the first paper delivery. After that, these requests won't be taken into consideration. Move on to find out more info!

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Step 2. Reasons to Ask for a Money Back Delivery

  • You ordered twice.

    This happens by mistake, so it will be no problem to get your money back for 1 extra order. The only thing to do is that you have to notify us about this extra order and payment as soon as possible. We'll check this information carefully and do the refund. If you have paid twice for the same order, the procedure is identical.

  • Writer hasn’t been assigned to your order.

    Actually, our company co-operates with more than 800 writers all over the world. That's why the percent that we won't just succeed in finding the writer for you is extremely low. Nevertheless, if this inconvenience happens, you'll be provided with the full refund and get some discount for your further orders. Besides, if the consumer agrees to give some extra time to complete the task, there will be no refund needed.

  • Your order is late.

    If we are late with delivering your order for 20 minutes, we offer to recalculate the price as it would be in the case with order having the longer deadline. The money difference will be undoubtedly given back to you.

    Also, the writer can ask for the extra time if the assignment is complex. It happens very seldom, but sometimes it is necessary to make the high quality papers. If you allow more time, you will not get the difference refunded. If the lateness is caused by the delay concerning clarification from your side, no refund is possible.

  • You aren't satisfied with the quality of the work done.

    If this disappointing situation happens to you, you're welcome to contact our DD manager sending the request with argumented complaints. This is possible after 2 revisions (1 for urgent orders). You'll have to wait 7-10 days to get the solution from the DD manager. However, this problem has been minimized as we work with professionally prepared writers.

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  • Your fixed paper was delivered late.

    If the revision is delivered to you with lateness, you'll be able to get up to 15% of refund. In case it is delayed for 30 minutes, you can contact the DD manager and open a dispute on your order, but you will not get the revised copy after that.

  • The order is suspected to be plagiarized.

    Mostly it can happen because of some mistake, but if it takes place, you will be requested to provide us with the Turnitin report or the one from your educational institution. Remember that you can use Turnitin only once because the program saves the data. It means that the next time it will show more than 90% of the plagiarism. If you provide the evidence, you will get a free rewrite or full refund.

  • I want the refund of the additional options.

    Sorrowfully, these options are not usually refundable. The only thing to be refunded here is the special type of writer. It is possible only if nobody has been assigned to your task yet.

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