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Student’s Reading Comprehension Strategies

Boy with Book

I didn’t want to start with reminding you how vitally important reading is, honestly. I believe you perfectly understand that without any additional remarks. So, let’s omit them today and move to dealing with the following question – how to make your reading effective.

Challenging Negative Thinking: Key Steps

Automatic Negative Thoughts

It is only human to think negatively about the world. It helped prehistoric men survive as being prepared for the worst-case scenario ensured that they stay afloat in a dangerous and hectic world of yet unexplored dangers. It was definitely beneficial to believe that if you enter the dark cave, you would be eaten by the tiger than to hope for a shelter. However, humans have tamed the world since that time, thus, rendering their learned behavior bunkum.

Brain Games: Can They Really Help You with Study?

Head with Puzzles

Unlike stealth shooters, combats or simulators, computer-based cognitive-training software – or simply brain games – have never been an object of sharp criticism. Usually, they fall into the category of harmless educational games. So seemingly, your parents would be happier if they knew you played Lumosity or Elevator in the evening, and not Counter-Strike. (Fans, sorry for setting it as an example here.)

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