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A Picture of an Ideal Student

Perfect Student

A number of stereotypes exist regarding how students should look, behave, and study. The interesting thing is that most of them are created not by the students themselves but by other people: parents, graduates, or professors. However, there is no much sense in following plans that were created for you by someone else. Therefore, we have extracted those features that matter for the perfect student, that are considered by students themselves.

How to Reach Success Step by Step

Morning Alarm

If you want to be a successful personality, you have to change your life radically. Many people belonging to this category gave some tips to make it work. In this article, you can discover something about successful people’s lifestyle, everyday schedule, and motivation. Something that leads them to recognition and professionalism.

The Middle Ages: Darkness or Light

Queen Crown on Old Book

Joseph von Keller firstly introduced the term «Middle Ages» in the seventeenth century. Actually, this cultural epoch lasted for ten centuries, from the fifth till the fifteenth. Nevertheless, the attitude to this phenomenon was very different through the ages. For quite a long period people called those times «Dark» as the barbarism flourished. Only at the beginning of the twentieth-century cultural scientists started to look over that epoch and have decided that it is a unique phenomenon (the time when Sorbonne was opened, the development of the culture, science, literature). Even now the interest for that epoch is high, cultural scientists all over the world explore it quite seriously. At the same time, the Middle Ages have many contradictions and contrast so it is totally worth your attention.

Speak Like an Ancient Greek

Achilles Image

The Antiquity has left us numerous gifts, including the famous personalities, magnificent statuary and paintings, breathtaking stories and a great number of idioms. Mostly, they come from myths and legends. If you want to be an intelligent person and speak nicely, you have to know and use these expressions. However, many people know the idioms themselves, but don`t know their meanings or how to insert them into speech. Here you can find the most famous of them, discover their historical roots and modern meanings.

Tips for Professional Architect: How to Reach the Success?


For most of us, career plays a very important role which is referred to revealing our individuality. Career helps us implement dreams, realize the ideas, and reach inner calmness. For someone, career has become a lifelong mission, that is why they do not spare any efforts to succeed in this task. And for someone, career is an additional bonus against the background of lovely family and friends, but still, it helps satisfy all needs and wants.

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