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Short History of SPAM the Ubiquitous

Preserves SPAM

In the history, the first known case of spam in its current sense – the mass mailing of advertisement message - occurred back in 1864. The Western Union, a leader in the market of international transfers, gave the go-ahead for the simultaneous dispatch of messages by telegraph to any destinations available to this technology.

Writing a Review of a Literary Work

Bestselling Literature

Reading is one of the most popular activities throughout the history. The form of a book we know appeared in the Middle Ages, but it existed in the different forms long ago. The pieces of writing were extremely expensive, and only the rich people could afford to buy them. Moreover, not everyone could read.

Should You Have a Plan “B”?

Plan B

People often think if they should have a plan “b” when they follow their dream. They ask themselves if it won’t make them difficult to concentrate on what they want and if the plan “b” won’t distract them from goal achievement. The answer is: yes, you need to have a reserve plan. But there are some moments and warnings everyone should know about. Let’s discuss advantages and lacks of a backup plan.

Change Your Life: Defining Goals

Desperate Person

Challenging yourself will help you to grow emotionally. You change your life in such a way. It is not always easy to achieve targets set, but it is not a reason to stop and give up either. Always repeat: "I can do it. I will try hard until I have reached it".

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