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Change Your Life: Defining Goals

Desperate Person

Challenging yourself will help you to grow emotionally. You change your life in such a way. It is not always easy to achieve targets set, but it is not a reason to stop and give up either. Always repeat: "I can do it. I will try hard until I have reached it".

Daily Routine

The next working day is finished. The evening came. The next day you will go to university or to work again, pursuing some plans, waiting for salary or for the end of academic year. But the day after tomorrow is Saturday! The weekend appears on the horizon. However, it does not make you very happy. After all, you need to sleep, and then to work or study a little bit, because you did not manage to do all what was necessary during weekdays.

Well, in the best-case scenario to hang out with friends. Then you realize that you have to go to work tomorrow. And your holidays or weekend are far away, those precious days which you always waiting for. You do all things that you have to and do not have the time left for those things that you are doing with real heart. You are lucky if everything mentioned above is not about you!

Do Not Be Afraid of Changes


It is summer now, the time of graduations, photos of students in mantle and grandiose dreams. Some say that a diploma is just a board for cutting bread, others believe that it is their way to the future. Some of us are working and are pleased of not stucking at home unemployed and other are job seekers and are desperately trying to find at least something.

Once my friend told me: "You are constantly talking about job that you want to find. Do not you think that having found it, you will stuck in it for the whole life? Indeed, statistics shows that a large number of workers, who are accustomed to their work, are afraid of losing it. Do not you think that in such a way you forget about your old dreams and desires of a young life on maximum, the desire to achieve more, to change the world?"

Do not let these things go out of your head. Every time while withdrawing from your goals, remind yourself your initial design, but never stop halfway.

It is not a truth that sooner or later you will not like your job and it will become a daily routine. It all depends on you. If you realize that work takes all your time, do not give you the possibility to develop, to realize your potential, to fulfill your lifelong ambition, it is not yours and will not bring you felicity. So go ahead! Take everything from life!

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