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Why Creativity Has Become an Important Skill

Creativity Concept of Human Brain

We used to think that only writers, actors, artists, show business personalities, in general, representatives of a few professions must be "creative" at work. The rest (economists, for example, or engineers) work according to the pattern, rarely inventing something new and unusual for the performance of duties.

But in recent years, the point of "creativity" is found in the list of the necessary qualities of all job ads, and it does not matter, they are looking for an administrator in a small store or a top manager in an international company. There are reasonable questions: why and for what? After all, if the work is not directly related to inventing, creating something non-standard or previously not existing, then why you need non-standard thinking.

Change the Approach

Recent psychological studies have shown that creativity affects one of the most important performance indicators – efficiency. The more creative an approach to the solution of the task assigned to the employee, the more effectively this task will be performed.

A simple example: a history teacher needs to give a lesson on the topic "World War II." Instead of just telling the material presented in the textbook, the teacher arranged for the students a visit to the museum of the World War II. The teacher complemented a description of the exhibits with important historical information and interesting stories that cannot be found in textbooks. The bottom line is that the students remembered the material better, wrote a test well and became more interested in this topic.

Out of the Box Thinking

Increased Efficiency – Increased Results

Increased efficiency of work brings good results. The employee performs tasks faster and better, finds new ways to solve complex problems, eliminates imperfections that existed in the previous version of the working template. As a result, effective work can become an impetus for the rapid move up through the career ladder – that allows achieving a high position for a short time. Isn’t it wonderful?

Pimp Up Your Skills

But the main problem is that not all employees have well-developed creative abilities. Not many can create 24/7, each time giving out brilliant ideas. Fortunately, outstanding hinking is not a gift that is given to one in a thousand. It can and should be developed. And there are a lot of ways to pimp up this ability. For example, according to the theory of the American psychologist Joy Paul Guildford, creativity is characterized by three main features, developing which, a person can increase the level of personal non-standard mentality.


The first quality is originality of thinking. It is the ability to find new, non-trivial ideas, break patterns, or further develop existing ideas, concepts. This feature is considered one of the most important signs of creativity. One can develop it with the help of special exercises: try to look at familiar objects or situations from another (unusual) viewpoint. One more exercise is to come up with five, ten, or fifteen extraordinary ways of using anything around you. The more out-of-the-way, the better. Another task is to write three stories in which your favorite characters from different tales will be connected. Both exercises help to get away from the standard, expand the boundaries of thinking, force yourself to ponder in a new way.

Thinking Man with Pen


The second component of creativity is the flexibility of thinking. Thanks to it, a person can quickly change the direction of thought and behavior, acting within the existing conditions and adjusting to the situation. To improve the flexibility of thinking, the exercise helps, in which you need to do something to change the existing order. For example, reading words in reverse, or inventing new lines in famous, favorite poems. It does not matter what you change, the main thing is that there are as many new options as possible!

Problem Solving

An integral part of creativity is the skill of solving complex problems. It is inextricably linked with the originality and flexibility of thinking, but in addition, it includes two more abilities – to analyze evaluating the existing problem, developing ways to solve it, and to directly apply them.

One can develop the skill for the solution of complex problems with the help of real cases. Look for examples of stories about problems in the sphere of your interest and think about the ways you would suggest to solve this problem. It is important to remember that the more complex the tasks you set for yourself, the more potential for solving them in you will be formed.

Of course, creativity can be useful not only in the professional field but also in everyday life. Therefore, even if you are not going to use it to conquer the tops of the career ladder, the development of this quality will change your life, make it more bright and extraordinary.

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