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TOP 100 of the Most Frequently Used English Words

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Studying English, we often exclaim: "I want to expand my vocabulary!" A familiar phrase? Maybe even a familiar goal?

I wonder what is the cherished figure for everyone: 100, 1,000, or 10,000 words? After acquaintance with entertaining arithmetic given in the article, you will be convinced that knowing even 10 of them is already a good platform for language practice. Do not believe me? Read on.

What are the most commonly spoken English words? People contributed to the Oxford English Dictionary a huge list of all the words implemented, which they called the Oxford English Corpus. The work was done in order to find out which of them are the most popular.

What was discovered can surprise you. Instead of considering each individual conceptual unit of language, a bid was made to find "basic units", called lemmas (lemma – abstract, theme, gloss). For example, climbing, climbed, and climbs are variations of climb. When one of these variants was found, it was recorded only as another form of climb.

As a result of the research, it was found that 10 frequently implemented English words make up 25% of the number of all of them that we use! These are functional units, such as like, the, of, be, and to. That is, if you take any text from 100 conceptual units of languages, about 25 of them will be from the list of TOP-10.

We continue to wonder: The 100 most commonly used words in English actually make up 50% of all of them that we speak every day. 1,000 words is already 75% of our vocabulary, for example, girl, win, decide, or huge. And with 7,000 units you will cover 90% of all the words that will help you in life.

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The rest of the words is implemented either once in life or in the case of professional necessity.

The results of the research cannot but imbue with optimism because you will need much less work than it seems to study all popular English words, after all! If you learn 100 the most frequent words, as well as various options for using them, you can make basic sentences (minus one or two words). Of course, the most complicated part is to learn all the meanings of these words. But this is not from science fiction, the main thing is to begin!

The 100 most common English words found in written form around the world will help you at any time not to get lost and share your thoughts or desires with the world. So what if words are also money. Then, we wish you to know them as many as possible, including, the happiness to be heard and understood.

1. the 26. they 51. when 76. come
2. be 27. we 52. make 77. its
3. to 28. say 53. can 78. over
4. of 29. her 54. like 79. think
5. and 30. she 55. time 80. also
6. a 31. or 56. no 81. back
7. in 32. an 57. just 82. after
8. that 33. will 58. him 83. use
9. have 34. my 59. know 84. two
10. I 35. one 60. take 85. how
11. it 36. all 61. people 86. our
12. for 37. would 62. into 87. work
13. not 38. there 63. year 88. first
14. on 39. their 64. you 89. well
15. with 40. what 65. good 90. way
16. he 41. so 66. some 91. even
17. as 42. up 67. could 92. new
18. you 43. out 68. them 93. want
19. do 44. if 69. see 94. because
20. at 45. about 70. other 95. any
21. this 46. who 71. than 96. these
22. but 47. get 72. than 97. give
23. his 48. which 73. now 98. day
24. by 49. go 74. look 99. most
25. from 50. me 75. only 100. us

P.S.: But that is not all we wanted to tell. Compilers of the Oxford Corpus did a great work identifying the most used words. But in fact, a hundred of the most commonly used of them is implemented mainly with other words, which carry the main semantic load. In the Top 100, as you managed to notice, there were a lot of prepositions, pronouns, particles, and adverbs. They are essential; without their help, you can hardly ask the question "How can I get to the library?"

Therefore, we share one more table containing 25 most popular nouns, verbs, and prepositions.

Nouns Verbs Adjectives
1. time 1. be 1. good
2. person 2. have 2. new
3. year 3. do 3. first
4. way 4. say 4. last
5. day 5. get 5. long
6. thing 6. make 6. great
7. man 7. go 7. little
8. world 8. know 8. own
9. life 9. take 9. other
10. hand 10. see 10. old
11. part 11. come 11. right
12. child 12. think 12. big
13. eye 13. look 13. high
14. woman 14. want 14. different
15. place 15. give 15. small
16. work 16. use 16. large
17. week 17. find 17. next
18. case 18. tell 18. early
19. point 19. ask 19. young
20. government 20. work 20. important
21. company 21. seem 21. few
22. number 22. feel 22. public
23. group 23. try 23. bad
24. problem 24. leave 24. same
25. fact 25. call 25. able

You can add little imagination and combine words from different columns into sentences. For example, take the noun "government" from the first column, the verb "work" from the second in Present Simple, and the adjective "great," and get a fantastic exclamation. The government works great! And this is not a pre-election campaign.

To make sure that the knowledge of above-mentioned popular 75 words is a very useful burden that, in fact, does not burden you, you can try to experiment with other words and get something like Woman thinks different or Problem seems small.

This is important, do you agree?

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