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Laziness: How to Get Rid of It?

Lazy Dog

You can call it laziness, inability or idleness, but when someone is not doing anything when they should it is defined as a weakness. However, it is not always like that. It is easy to deal with laziness when you set your goals in a right way and understand what keeps you away from work.

Why Does It Occur?

Sometimes boring routine job or conflicts with people can cause laziness. Moreover, it can be caused by the unfairness. It is when you think that this task should be held by the whole team and not just by you alone. As a result, you feel broken and lose the will to do anything at all.

Detect the Problem

Every time when the monster of laziness is trying to ruin your motivation, think about why it is happening. Ask yourself why you do not want to do anything. The reason could be your fear or unfairness or just the state of being overloaded with routine easy tasks which can be done "in five minutes". If you have found serious problems among those reasons, think how you can deal with them. Maybe you can trust someone else with a task or a part of it (for example, for a little treat or a favor) and do the most interesting part by yourself. Remember, there are no two similar people so there is a high possibility that someone will be glad to do the task which causes panic in you.

Set the Goal

Set achievable goals, which will really bring you joy. Do not choose the easiest ones as they will be boringly easy and also do not try to reach too high in your goals setting. For example, if you have decided to write a narrative essay, the best starting goal will be to define clear subject of it, think through the types of main characters and construct a plan of development events. "To plan an essay" and "to write an essay" are the examples of understated and overstated goals.

A Few Tips on Working With Goals:

  • It is better to set the time of achievement for short-term goals. For example, two hours, a day or a week.
  • Make a list of your great goals, such as to buy a house, to write a novel, to get married, and also a list of a small ones with a deadline for their fulfillment (to sign up for the gym by the end of the week, clean an apartment in one hour next Wednesday and so on).
  • You can use a board of visualization for your inspiration. The place where you can pin up photos and notes with your wishes.
  • The main thing is to know that your small goals lead you to the fulfillment of the great ones.

Distribute Your Priorities

Look at your list. What are the most important goals in it? Mark them and do not forget about them. Moreover, you should look at this list and check your goals once in a while in order to see whether they are still important for you or the priorities have changed.

Goals List


You may ask yourself certain questions in order to understand yourself better. They are:

  • May I lay this task aside or is it urgent?
  • Can I deal with this task better with someone else's help?
  • Am I solving this problem correctly or do I need another approach?
  • Am I idealizing the results?

The person is often very strict to themselves when it comes to evaluating the process and the results. Perfectionism leads us to postponing. You can never achieve an ideal result, and strict bounds wake up our laziness. Be careful with limiting yourself and remember that it is your life and your decisions which construct it.

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