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A Picture of an Ideal Student

Perfect Student

A number of stereotypes exist regarding how students should look, behave, and study. The interesting thing is that most of them are created not by the students themselves but by other people: parents, graduates, or professors. However, there is no much sense in following plans that were created for you by someone else. Therefore, we have extracted those features that matter for the perfect student, that are considered by students themselves.

  • 1.Education

    In a sphere of education, one can orient on different principles depending on what is the most important for a person. Here we will define three main tendencies that students might pursue:

    • Grade-oriented: this kind of students usually care only about the marks they get and their ratings. They do all they can in order to have all A’s in their diploma and are limitlessly proud of being the best student in their course;
    • Knowledge-oriented. These students are interested in learning all possible things. Usually, they ask questions, communicate with their professors after lectures, read all recommended literature and participate in various clubs that are not obligatory;
    • Skills-oriented. One of the education’s purposes is acquiring those skills that one would need to work. There is a group of student who looks on how they can apply all of the learned material in real life. This is how they shape certain skills based on knowledge they get.

    Our recommendation is not to choose one of these approaches but to combine three of them and apply in your studying process. You will be successful when you get knowledge, are aware and able to apply it, and earn good grades for your efforts.

  • 2.Social Life


    The college is a great opportunity to put your social life on the right track. Here are several ideas about it:

    • Real friends. According to statistics, good college friends stay in close relations for long. College makes you face numerous obstacles which you go through together with your friends. Therefore, those people are checked by good and bad situations, and you can be sure in their reliability;
    • New connections. College is a place to get acquainted with many people easily. You attend different places like clubs, classes, parties, or competitions where you meet a plenty of other students. Maybe, hundreds of youngsters cannot become good friends of yours at once, but you should surely take their contacts and learn a little bit about them because you might need to communicate with them in future when you start your own business, for instance;
    • Partying but not too much. Most people associate college life with everyday parties and having fun. It can be true for you as well, but we recommend that you enjoy this advantage wisely, so it does not have a negative impact on your health and studying.
  • 3.Traveling

    The perfect student, in our opinion, must not miss the opportunity to discover the world. Youth is the time when you do not have any burden, which means that it is easier for you to change the place and find new things to experience. It will not be that simple when you start working or have a family. You will need to spend more time on serious matters and might even spend years without a chance to leave your city. Therefore, take advantage of your student years and discounts.

    Also, you can travel in big companies of friends, which is always more fun than traveling alone or with a partner only.

  • 4.Being a Techie


    Being technology-educated is a must nowadays. One cannot be successful enough without knowing how to apply different technological equipment, use the internet, social networks, etc. The modern word requires that the person uses new advancements wisely, especially it is expected from young people who are always on a peak of progress.

    Therefore, do not be lazy to learn about new developments and apply them in your life. This is not considered a nerdiness anymore.

  • 5.Curiosity

    Why is curiosity important? The answer is simple: this feature is basic for learners. If you compare the learning process of interested and uninterested student, you will notice that the first one is more attentive, takes notes and makes sure that they are readable. They will also ask the professor questions and wonder about additional literature to read or videos to watch.

    Curious people are always thirsty for new knowledge. They do not take all the information that they hear for granted but prefer to check, question and verify it. This brings a certain experience to them which helps to understand a topic, causes, and effects better.

    In our opinion, the ideal student is curious which means that they enjoy working with new information, asking questions and making own conclusions.

  • 6.Healthy Life Style

    Being fit is a new and great trend of today. The best thing about it is that it is not about appearance only. If you choose the healthy lifestyle, you need to mind your sleeping schedule, the food you eat, exercising and even your state of mind. Here are several recommendations that the perfect student follows:

    • Sleeping at least 8 hours every day. Also, do not ignore day naps if you feel that you need them. Sleeping is one of the basic sources of your energy, which is why healthy and fit students prefer a proper schedule to partying all day and all night;
    • Eating healthy. Fast food does not seem as tasty today as it was several years ago. Finally, youngsters have understood that even plain foods are more nutritious than hamburgers and French fries;
    • Getting rid of bad habits. Drinking and smoking do not make you look cool anymore. It is time to substitute these habits with those that make you healthier;
    • Exercise. There are a lot of ways to keep fit today – just select what is up to you like running, working out, playing football or boxing.

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