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Participation in Student Organizations


It is very difficult when somebody finds himself alone facing many challenges of our time. Somebody may be affected by the human rights violations, and someone is unable to find his place in modern society. Students of all times are active and ambitious. So academicians join various student organizations in order to help each other. In such way, young people together overcome different problems and situations that occur in their life. The main goal of this article is to describe the various aspects of youth activities in arrangements.

Why Is It Important?

Historically, young people always actively participate in all social processes. The scholars were the driving force of revolutions in many countries, offered various political and economic reforms. Young scientists made fundamental discoveries. Young artists and sculptors created new directions in art. Nowadays, many under- and postgraduates are the participants of different political parties and non-governmental arrangements that affect society and reform it. So, joining youth formations in order to change the world is natural for youth.

In Which Issues Are Student Organizations Involved?

Before you join any youth group, you have to realize what this active collective does. Below we try to give you a list of main activities of different groups around the world.

Leisure and Free Time

Learners often face the problem that they do not know where to spend their free time in the unfamiliar city. Therefore, the discussed type of arrangements arranges a variety of cultural, entertainment and sporting events.

If you are a lover of poetry, then you will definitely want to visit literary circle. You like to dance – it means that discos are created just for you.

Young boys and girls who dream to play Hamlet or King Lear in their free time organize wonderful theatrical groups, which then play classical and modern performance not worse than professionals.

Sports Competitions

If you enjoy in your free time playing football or basketball, you can always create a team and take part in competitions organized by the trade union. Even if you do not become a champion, a great free time spending will be guaranteed for you.

Information Support

Very often, learners may know very little about the life of the university, or about the various opportunities which are open to scholars. Therefore, arrangements (including trade unions) inform freshers about the most important events in the life of the university and each particular faculty. This may be, for example, information about international exchange programs, meetings and activities, the principles of the election of the rector and other leaders, information about how scholarships are distributed among the youth, and so on.

Protecting the Rights

In today's globalized world, it is very hard for a single person to defend his or her rights independently of the others. When you are lonely, you become weak and helpless. But when several thousand people of your university help you in overcoming your challenge, you will never be afraid of any problems. No government will lower scholarships if this step will result in the protests.

Help in Job Search

To help each other in searching a good job is another goal of many formations. Such foundations constantly provide learners with data about interesting work for young specialists, further education courses and so on. So if you are currently looking for work, the arrangements of your educational institution will give you a lot of interesting data about employment.

Reaction to a Variety of Political and Social Processes

When an event occurs in the community, it usually affects all people who live this community. Young people want to carry out constant control over the decisions of the governments and parliaments, as well as openly and actively express their views on all issues. Therefore, the discussed organizations always respond to important political and economic events, in order to defend the rights of students. We can often see that in European countries the students come to the protest actions, having their specific requirements. So, arrangements make their contribution to the development of democracy in the world.

What Else Can You Get If You Become a Member of Such Organization?

The Ability to Be Active

If you have been an active member of a youth foundation for several years, you will definitely be an active and responsible person. Ability to take responsibility for your own actions and for the society is a feature of the true leaders. You will not complain anymore, that your government is bad. You will express concrete proposals, create public groups, help others in difficult circumstances.

New Friends

If you lead an active life, you constantly make acquaintance with new people. Some of them become your friends for the whole life. So be open to dialogue with other groupmates on your youth foundation meetings. At these meetings, you will make acquaintance with wonderful people. You will be pleased to spend a lot of time together with them.

Interesting Events

You can take part in various seminars, discussions, exhibitions and diverse sports competitions. You will not ever be bored if you are a partaker of the youth formation.

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