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What Are the Best Countries to Study Abroad?

Students of Different Races

Have you already decided to get knowledge abroad? Then, you need to proceed to the next step – the choice of a country. It always seems that the grass is always greener on the other side. Let us try to figure out where it is better, more interesting, and cheaper to pound the books.

  • USA

    Are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT or "Caltech" your own cherished "Hogwarts"? Do you see yourself in a black robe at the graduation party in dreams, but Harry Potter has nothing to do with it? Are you not afraid of leisure in the library, do you want to devote your time to scientific research and achieve fame in this area? Then, the American universities are perfect for you! In America, such work is one of the most prestigious.

    Is a scientific activity not your pie in the sky? The American system has other strengths: practical orientation, flexibility, and freedom of choice. Each student forms their own schedule and in some colleges – even the academic plan for vacations and internships.

    Requirements for the Applicant

    It depends on a college. But in most cases, for admission to the first year, only a filled application form will be required, a certificate translated into English, and the results of TOEFL test, however, sometimes many colleges conduct their own tests.

    The Price Paid

    • The cost of programs is from $1800;
    • A room in a hostel – from $100;
    • An apartment – about $500 per room.

    Benefits for Students

    A student visa is an absolutely legal way of staying in the U.S. The educational process can last up to eight years. It is calculated that during this time a potential citizen of the States will be able to find something suitable for themselves. A pleasant bonus: you can go from one institution to another in order to find a place that suits your student wishes at best. An important bonus: it is allowed to work at the same time.


    Girl Filling out Application Form

    Do you dream about Oxford or Cambridge? Well, Kate Middleton chose St. Andrews University to study. And received not only a diploma but also a prince. Nothing fabulous – just a real story, known to the whole world. By the way, there are still unmarried princes in the royal family. As well as high-quality institutions. The diploma of an English university is, perhaps, the most prestigious in the world. Do you want to acquire the best knowledge in economics, chemistry, medicine, and biology? You will get them, just get ready to fork out.

    Requirements for the Applicant

    Formally, for admission, you need to pass a special program “A-Level” or “Foundation” in the UK or finish 1-2 courses at your homeland college. In addition, you need: a certificate of secondary education; English knowledge at the level of TOEFL, IELTS (or equivalent certificates).

    The Price Paid

    • The average cost of programs is 6600-12 100 euros per year;
    • A room in a hostel – from 200 euros;
    • An apartment – from 700 euros per month.

    Benefits for Students

    Students have substantial benefits in paying taxes relating to housing, visiting museums and exhibitions, transport between dormitories and buildings at the campus, as well as benefits for public transportation.


    If you are still not on intimate terms with English and do not want to come together, but in excellent relations with French, then welcome to France! It is generally believed that the French do not like their northern neighbors, therefore, it is not required to take the exam in English on admission – only French. France is not only Chanel, Champagne, Moulin Rouge, and the Eiffel Tower. France is also the best universities that prepare specialists for industrial enterprises. Everyone remembers the names of the 5 world famous couturiers, but not everyone knows that getting knowledge in any French college is cheaper than in some private ones in your motherland.

    Requirements for the Applicant

    There are no restrictions. To enter the initial courses, only the level of the French language is checked.

    The Price Paid

    • Cost of programs - from $1000;
    • Dormitory – 150 euros per month;
    • Apartment – 300 euros per month.

    Benefits for Students

    Scholarships are granted even to foreigners. In addition, the government annually subsidizes all students for 10 thousand euros.


    Photos of Countries Sights

    Swiss approach in the knowledge-getting process is very similar to a Swiss watch: they do not need advertising, everyone wishes to have them, but not everyone can afford them. There is no better place to start a career in the tourism business as Switzerland. Yes, it is a career because almost all students are employed after receiving a diploma. Not to mention internships at the Cannes Film Festival immediately after the first course, for example.

    Requirements for the Applicant

    Age – from 18 years. The certificate of secondary education (for admission to the bachelor's program) or a diploma of higher one (for admission to the program Post-Grad Pre-MBA). Knowledge of English at the level of TOEFL, IELTS (or equivalent certificates).

    The Price Paid

    • The average cost of programs is $18-20 thousand.
    • To rent a small apartment (or a room in the family) – about $700 a month.
    • Room in the hotel – from $600 to $1500 per month.
    • Dormitory – $500.

    Benefits for Students

    Discounts for travel and visiting museums. Free access to libraries and excursions. Possibility to pass paid practice.


    Is free cheese only in a mousetrap? There are exceptions: in Sweden, knowing English, you can get free higher education. The generosity of the Swedish government also has a limit: you have to pay for your stay in the country on your own. But you can combine study with work because life in Sweden is quite expensive.

    Requirements for Applicants

    For admission to the bachelor's degree, you need a certificate of completed secondary education and a certificate confirming the level of English (TOEFL or IELTS). For admission to the master’s program, one requires a bachelor's degree and a certificate confirming the level of English (TOEFL or IELTS). There is an opportunity to receive a scholarship.

    The Price Paid

    • Dormitory - from $150.
    • Apartment - from $400.

    Benefits for Students

    Travel, public events, purchase of international tickets. Previously, it was forbidden to stay in the country after graduation. Now, according to the new rules, if you have studied and obtained 30-grade points, you can apply for a work permit and a residence permit considering work in Sweden.

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