Multi-Optional Revision Policy: Verify Our Guaranties

Revision Policy of is clear and simple to understand and use if it is needed. Every day we do our best to satisfy the needs of our clients. That's why we created the useful service, the convenient interface and a lot of options for you to use. We are happy to meet with your piece of advice and recommendations to improve our service. That’s why, contact us in order to get the free revision of your text. So we invite you to check the main principles of our revision principles below.

Hand Writing Main and Extra Requirements

Maybe, you need some revision? No problem for you! Contact your writer per your personal cabinet or set the connection with our creative group. Pay attention that there is the option of “free revisions” on our service. It means that your writer will improve and rewrite your papers until you are completely pleased with them. It is wholly free of charge, but you should remember that it is possible only if your revision requirements don’t have any controversy with that declared before. If it happens, this will cost some extra payments for you. Usually it costs up to 70% from the previous requirements stated, but it also depends on your particular case.

Main Elements of the Revision Request

It is quite easy to do the revision request: just log in to your personal cabinet and send it or contact a representative of the support team. Enclose the directions for the revision and the time limit in your e-mail. You can also attach files.

Free Requests Are Not Limitless

We are always glad to improve your texts until you are delighted with them, but you have to recognize the time limit during which you can ask for the free revisions. This limit for you is during 7-10 days from the day when have got the paper first. If this time passes, you’ll be reluctant to spend some extra money to get your papers revised. That’s why hurry up to get your free revisions as many times as you like! However, if your ordered text reached more than 30 pages, we gladly will provide you with free revisions during the next 20 days after the first delivered order as we take into account the complexity and the length of your papers.

As Far as Your Personal Writer is Concerned

If you don't like your personal writer, we will cut off this person and assign the other one best for you. This is possible after 3 chances given to the writer to revise your work. Moreover, we have such additional options as the summary of the paper, the writer's samples, the editor's service and the category of the writer. They cost some extra payment, and you can use them while making your order.

Cruel Deadlines Aren’t the Jokes

We understand well that sometimes you are in really pressed timeframes and need fast help. That’s why if it is urgent, you can get your revised papers in 4 hours after your request and even if 2 hours left. Although we need to set the contact with your writer and it can take some time, we manage to do it as fast as possible. Do you feel we are like the lightning?

Not Satisfied?

If it happened to you that you have got any questions or complaints regarding our services, your order or something else, you are welcome to contact our support team or dispute department (DD) manager to find the most appropriate and fast solution of your problem. Usually you can open a dispute after 2 revisions made for you, but in case with short-deadline orders there is an exception (1 revision is enough). In particular cases there may be full or partial refund if you are not pleased with the outcome of the service The only thing you have to do to get the refund is that you are supposed to send an e-mail request with argumentative explanation within 10 days after the first delivery. You will get the response within 7-10 working days.

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